Guest Reviewer: Niecole

We want to welcome to our new guest reviewer, Niecole! Sugar and Snark have know Niecole both personally and online for a couple of years, so we cannot be more excited for her to join our team!

Please tell us about yourself Niecole?

Well, my name is Niecole Smit, I currently reside in South Africa, Paarl to be exact. I’m 28 years old and well I just love reading. I’m also currently busy with my degree in psychology (nearly done!) and I have a keen interest in Criminology.


What type of books do you like to read and review?

I’m a crime girl, I love any type of murder mystery, who-done-it fiction, as well as a lot of true crime books about famous serial killers or interesting cases. I am also into the royal family, (The English one) and love books about the Tudor history. I also like some other types of royal historical books and just historical books in general.

I do read a few romantic novels, but they are usually the classics, I’m not into the Mills and Boon type. Young Adult of course, but nothing that is too young (more the adult) (Examples: The Hunger Games etc.) And I’m totally into Fantasy, but it should be something similar to HP.

Do you have a favorite book or books of all time?

Of course! Harry Potter. I have always loved reading, but during my high school years I kind of put it on the back burner, until a friend of mine gave me her Harry Potter book to read. She was busy with the first one (Philosophers Stone), so I first read the second book (Chamber of Secrets) which is why it is my favorite book of all time. It got me back into reading and because of it I have met so many great people.

I also have a couple of favorite books from my school days which are:
· To Kill a Mockingbird
· The Great Gatsby
· Die Uurwerk Kantel (Afrikaans)

Do you think your reviews are more Sugary or more Snarky?

Ooooh that is a tough one, I’m not really into being very Snarky. So I must say it’s probably Sugary lol. I try to keep an open mind when reading, but there are just a couple of topics I cannot handle, one being politics (especially in the South African context). I have a hard time being optimistic about those kinds of books. I’m not a hater, so even if I didn’t enjoy a book, I’ll probably try to put something positive in there anyway.

Great answers Niecole!

Welcome to our team!

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