2013 Publisher Ratings

Last year I made a similar post, entitled 2012 Publisher Ratings. I wanted to see how my 2012 went, when I looked at what ratings I gave books by all publishers. So this year I decided to do the same again.

2013 Recap

I only used publishers where I had read at least 2 books. I see that Self published/indie and Hachette group was the highest rated by me! However, with quite a few getting an average of 4, which is very good! Overall not bad ratings.

I read A LOT of imprints so I only took the ones I read 2 or more books:

Clearly Orbit is one of my favorite imprints, I will have to pay attention to that! However, it could also be because I read the Soulless series by Gail Carriger, and loved them all! Overall not bad ratings.


2012 – 2013 Joint Recap

I also wanted to see what the stats would look like, if I combined them for 2012/2013: (Once again I only used 2 or more books per publisher/imprint)

Self Published/Indie/Others clearly pull ahead of the pack, with Hachette following in second. Harlequin also did really well. I might have to rethink Walker Books and maybe even St. Martin’s.

Orbit, Razorbill, Katherine Tegen Books, Feiwel & Friends, Createspace and Mulholland Books are clearly my top imprints. I will have to pay special attention to these in the future. Overall I like quite a few imprints. Vintage might be one I have to stay away from, from now on.

This has really opened my eyes and I will remember these figures when requesting from sites like Netgalley.

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