Book to Movie News of the Week

This week’s book to movie news is…

Susanna White to Direct ‘The Host’

“According to Variety, the director of ‘The Host’ has been chosen. Susanna White (Nanny McPhee Returns) is set to direct the film.”
What do you think about this?
Think she will make a good Director?



  • Savannah

    I have not read the book so I can't say much, but I will be willing to go see them movie.

  • free movies online

    Yes, I'm waiting to see them in big screen. Actually, I read already some part of it in the book.

  • Escapist

    One of my favorite books…I saw her version of Jane Eyre and I loved it. I can't wait!

  • Truly Bookish

    I thought SM would have a sequel to this book before a movie. Oh well, I loved the book. I think it's a very long book to translate into a 90 minute movie….
    Truly Bookish