Book to Movie News of the Week

This week’s book to movie news is…
Sooo I watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 last week and here are my thoughts:

Firstly you need to know that I cried the whole time!

If you are a Harry Potter  fanatic I have no doubt that you will enjoy this movie! If you are a fan or someone that hasn’t read the books but just watched the movies, this will still no doubt move you.
If you haven’t watched it, go out and do so now!

Parts of the movie that I loved:

* When McGonnagal says “I’ve always wanted to use that spell”
* All the Neville scenes!
* When Ron comes around the corner screaming “He’s setting the bloody place on fire!”
* I cried when  everyone started putting enchantments around the Castle
* I cried every time someone died
* I got goosebumps when Harry stepped out from the midst of all the students during Snape’s speech.
* Where Snape held dead Lily was so sad 🙁
* Oh and the crying baby Harry 🙁
* Slytherin being sent to the Dungeons was a bit weird but ok…
* When Harry “died” and everything became white, my heart stopped a little bit.

And that’s only the parts I can remember right now!

What did you think?

  • barmybex

    I cried too. Loved the film. McGonnagal made me laugh and Neville rules!
    I loved how they did the Gringotts vault. 😀

  • Niecole

    I loved this movie!!!!
    When McGonnagal tells the armour to man the castle, I got goosebumps and started crying.
    When Hermione and Ron kissed, yay!!!!! Neville kicked serious ass, go NEVILLE!

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