Book vs Movie

Welcome to my second Book vs Movie Post! I will compare Book vs their movie counterparts and say which one i enjoyed more and why.

Today I’m looking at….

Vampire Diaries books vs Vampire Diaries TV series

Ok definitely the TV Series! There is no question about it. I gave the first two books 3 stars, and the 3rd one 4 stars. But the 4th one… what happened lol

And who can deny the sexiness of Damon??

Also there is more action, and its just plain visually appealing 🙂

  • Carmel

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  • xSyn-Fulx

    I voted for the books, but that might be a little unfair: I couldn't get through the first episode of TVD. However, in a way, this is fairly indicative of my feelings towards the series: for one thing, they've changed so much of the minutiae from the books that it becomes a big problem for me, and it just seems as though they have filmed an episode of some generic teen drama and stuck vampires into it. I realise that was sort of what the books did, but the way the series does it is just so jarring.