Book vs Movie

Welcome to my third Book vs Movie Post! 

Previous results:

Vampire Diaries book vs series

67% chose series

True blood books vs series

67% chose series

I will compare Book vs their movie counterparts and say which one i enjoyed more and why.

Today I’m looking at….

Harry Potter books 1-6 vs Harry Potter Movies 1-6

I love these books and these movies! I am a proper Harry Potter addict, with a wand and all. I love to see how the movies turn out, and I always enjoy them.
True they leave a lot out! But what can you expect from such detailed books having to be made into 1 movie.
Although I love the movies, there is no doubt in my mind that the books are better!
And you?

  • Savannah

    Most definitely the movie. I enjoyed the books but I love the movies.

  • Niecole

    Ah Lu and I should start a Harry Potters anonymous! We're both huge fans!!!!

    I love the books and the movies, but the books have more detail in them, I love reading the books before watching the movie…