#Comic #Review: Before Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach

comrorBefore Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach (Before Watchmen: The Comedian Omnibus) by Brian Azzarello, J.G. Jones, Lee Bermejo

Published: July 16th 2013
: DC Comics
E-Copy: 256 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
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I have now almost read all of the Before Watchmen series (reviews to follow), but I started with this one. In a way I’m glad I did, because this was by far not my favorite of the lot. If it wasn’t for the Rorschach part of this story, I don’t think I would have given it 3 stars. But lets start with The Comedian:
The Comedian is not a nice man, and I’m not talking about breaking the law, killing a few baddies etc. No he really goes way over the line. I won’t get into it, but lets just say that I found his behavior disgusting. It all starts off fine, I particularly liked the first issue, with Marilyn, JFK and Jackie – this was pretty cool to me. There is even some of Marilyn’s death conspiracy theories thrown in! From there it just goes down hill. The Comedian’s stint in Vietnam left a bad taste in my mouth… I realize these characters are meant to be damaged and dark, but there is just no redeemable quality in him.
On to Rorschach. I enjoyed his story, to see where he came from, what his mistakes are and what drives him. This story at least gave me hope for the rest of the series, and I’m glad cause I’m loving it! Rorschach is an interesting character and in a way I wish there were more than just the 4 issues about him.


Illustrations: 4 stars
Story: 2 stars
Overall: 3 stars


  • I haven’t read any of this series yet. To tell the truth, while i can appreciate why Watchmen is so revered, it’s never been a huge favorite of mine. But I am kind of curious about this new series. Sorry you didn’t like it very much. At least you got the lame one out of the way. Hopefully it’s all uphill from here.

    • Sugar & Snark

      So far so good. Really enjoying the rest 🙂