Guest #Review: Pillow Talk

pillowPillow Talk by Freya North

Published: August 1st 1983
Paperback: 352 pages
Genre: Chick-Lit, Romance
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What keeps you up all night? They were high-school sweethearts who hadn’t seen each other for seventeen years. And suddenly they’re in front of each other – in a tiny sweet shop in the middle of nowhere. Neither can quite believe it. – Read more on Goodreads

The first of Freya North I ever read was Pip, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve always loved the way British authors write, with their quirky little things that they say, and the dry humour that they have.

Pillow Talk makes you laugh, it makes you want to cry, it makes you want to swear at the stupid bimbo and it makes you feel that love does exist. The story is about Petra Flint, a 32 year old jewellery designer that lives in London, oh and she sleepwalks (which makes for a very funny story at the beginning of the book). She finds love again after 17 years from an unusual source, and the story unfolds about her, her love, her family and the reason why she sleepwalks.

Another part of the story is a heart-warming connection that Petra had with an elderly woman who she visited as a school duty when she was 15. She ends up loving the women as a grandmother and mourning her when she is lost, but receives a wonderful gift, which the story really revolves around. If you want to read something simple that you don’t have to think a lot about (you know, some books you have to actually study to get what the story is about) then you’ll enjoy this one, and others by Freya North.

Her writing style is easy and fun to read, and like James Patterson, her chapters tend to be short, which makes you feel that you’re really making progress. Go ahead, pick it up, its real chick lit and you’ll love it!