I started Crocheting!

So I started Crocheting about 2 weeks ago! I got some pretty yarn and needles (pic 1), then I practiced by making a big square so I got used to it (pic 2). My first real project was a jersey for Pi the Chihuahua! Next I am making my son a blanket 🙂


Seeing as I am so new, does anyone have any advice?

Any book recommendations?

Any websites I should follow?




  • love it! A friend taught me the basics of knitting back in December. The results haven’t been exactly perfect but I’m hoping with some practice I will get it down. I love the lil sweater you made. My dog definitely needs one of those. It can be 70 out and he’s over here shivering.

    • Sugar & Snark

      Maybe try crocheting. I find it easier than knitting for some reason 🙂