Movie #Review: #VeronicaMars

Veronica_Mars_Film_PosterVeronica Mars is one of, if not my favorite television show of all time. I have watched this series around 4-5 times and each time I wish we had an ending, something to take away the ‘what ifs’. This was that ending. The VM Movie took everything I ever wanted and things I didn’t even know I wanted and presented it in an almost 2 hour gift wrapped package of awesomeness. It wasn’t action packed (sure there was action), but it had the old VM feel to it, the mystery, the intrigue and the comedy.

I love that all the old characters make a comeback and it was such a great feeling seeing them all and seeing them interact. There is mystery upon mystery and such a very finely woven script that I could not take my eyes of the screen. I have waited a long time for this day and I can truly say that this movie gave me the perfect ending, the perfect script and it left me feeling satisfied and happy!

If another movie does get made it will be a bonus. But I am happy with what we finally got and I will be first in line to grab a copy of the new book coming out!


*Mild spoilers*:

Things I loved:

* Seeing Logan again and how he has transformed himself
* Weevil – I love Weevil and I’m so glad he featured in this movie
* Dick – He just cracks me up
* Dax Shepard’s crazy pick-up dance
* When Veronica walks out of a building someone is singing “We used to be friends” – so awesome.
* The inside jokes
* Mac and Wallace were fantastic as always and I liked how their lives turned out. They have always been the perfect side characters that added so much to the show, to Veronica’s life and to this movie.

hero_VeronicaMars-2014-1* Oh and then there is Keith Mars. He has always been my favorite TV dad. He loves Veronica so much and above all he trusts her. I love their relationship and I was ecstatic that he was in the movie!

Spoilers *only read if you have watched the movie*:

I have always been on team Logan and for a minute there I was on team Piz, but only because I wanted to see Veronica happy. Logan always seemed to bring heartache and I could never imagine how their lives could ever not be without this constant battle for each other. The movie made their reunion perfect for me, in the sense that not only has Logan kept true to himself, but he has also become respectable in his own way. In a way that Veronica could really love him and respect him herself.

It is extremely sad the way things ended with Piz. I feel like he knew who she was, and that on some level he must have known that the quite life was never going to be enough for Veronica.

The way the movie ended felt right. It felt like Veronica was where she was at her best, where she could be herself and live her life. She was never one to play it safe and I think her choosing to stay in Neptune was the best thing for her.


All in all, Veronica Mars will always be one of those shows I watch every year and one I will never forget! Amazing cast, amazing script and I remain a Marshmallow for life.