New Food Related Books!

I have been seeing a lot of food related books/cookbooks these days, so I thought I would share some of them:

South Africa celebrates National Braai Day (also known as Heritage Day) on 24 September every year. A day for all the citizens of South Africa to unite around braai fires with family and friends. The driving force behind this initiative is a man known as Jan Braai. South Africa’s most iconic and popular form of cooking is the braai across all cultures and if anyone knows how to braai, it is Jan. He has braaied with thousands of South Africans, almost every day for the five years since the launch of National Braai Day. And he knows what people want to know about braaing.
This book starts with the instructions for braaing the perfect steak and then moves on through lamb chops, the most decadent chicken burgers, pork ribs, potjies and mushroom burgers and even a couple of desserts. Source

All PR flyers from Pan Macmillan.