Review Requests: Review Policy

Please take note: We are currently not accepting a lot of review requests. With maternity leave, exams and travel we can’t take on a lot. Please don’t feel offended if we can’t review your books or if we don’t reply to the email (we get tons and can’t respond to every single one).

Hi and welcome to Sugar & Snark. This blog has three reviewers, Sugar (Lu) and Snark (Lauren), as well as our Guest Reviewer (Niecole).

For review requests, tours, giveaways, guest posts etc. you can contact us on

* If you want Sugar, Snark or Niecole to specifically read your book, please specify so in the review request. Otherwise either one of us, or even all will read it.

* We review Young Adult/Fantasy/Paranormal/Romance etc. Sugar is also very willing to review any History/Archaeology type books, as she is in this field. Niecole loves a good crime/mystery an the royal/tudor time period. We will post our reviews on goodreads, facebook, twitter and our blog, and we will send you the links when they are posted.

* We are also willing to review Comic books, Graphic novels, Manga, Short Stories and Webcomics etc.

* Please send us all the relevant details like covers, url’s etc. in the requests.

* We will try our best to review a book as soon as we can.

* We accept no payment of any kind. Also please note we are in South Africa if anyone was wondering about shipping fees. We are more than willing to accept e-books as well.

Please take note: In the past we have given negative and snarky reviews that are of our honest opinion. We have also DNF tagged books on our goodreads pages. If there is any chance of a retaliation, name calling, profiling of any kind, on any social media site, any site for that matter, as well as through email – then please do not contact us with a review request.