#Review: Taylor Swift: The Unofficial Story: Platinum Edition

taylorTaylor Swift: The Unofficial Story: Platinum Edition by Liv Spencer

Published: June 1st 2013
: ECW Press
E-Book: 192 pages
Genre: Non-Fiction, Biography
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Source: Thanks to Netgalley
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My secret pleasure is biographies. Granted I haven’t read hoards of them, but I do seem to buy and request quite a lot of them. So when I saw a Taylor Swift one, I jumped at the chance to read and review it. I love Taylor Swift’s music, I’m not ashamed to admit, and I have been a fan from the moment I heard Love Story. I didn’t know much about Taylor’s story and I wanted to learn more! What I got however, was a sort of listing of Taylor’s achievements and no so much history. Sure it starts out with the basics of how Taylor got famous, but not in much detail.

What I did like, was the decoding of all Taylor’s songs and what they have been interpreted as meaning or who they were written for. But saying a song was written because of this one or that one, isn’t enough for me. The relationships were never really talked about and only mentioned when decoding a song. When in her life was this? What are the facts? Nothing? I got nothing…

I wanted something more in depth and detail and not just a list of artists Taylor has performed with etc. I did like the information about all Taylor’s music videos and the decoding part of the songs. I just wanted more of a biography and less lists, more emotion and less distance from the story. So in that regard it felt a bit flat and makes me want to pick up another biography to learn more. So treat this as a intro biography and not an in depth one.

newcup3_zps7ae7849d-1_zps8b8e38fcThis got a 6/10 from me.