Review: The Battle of the Labyrinth

batThe Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #4) by Rick Riordan

Published: March 6th 2008
: Disney Hyperion Books
Paperback: 361 pages
Genre: Fantasy
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Percy learns that Camp Half-Blood is in trouble and that Luke and his army is going to invade soon. So he goes on a quest with his friends to try and stop this.

Oh Percy Percy Percy. This is where we part ways. The previous 3 tales kept me entertained, but 4 seems to be my limit.

This wasn’t a bad book, it was just the exact same as the previous 3. Percy goes on a quest, his friends go with, there is some tension between Percy and Annabeth, friend(s) goes missing, they meet a god, friends turn up, they meet a god, they beat the baddy.

I am just so tired of the same story line over and over. But what also got to me was that I feel there is no character growth at all. Percy is still so blind he can’t see Annabeth likes him, Annabeth is a complete bitch when anyone (aka Rachel) even looks at Percy, or *gasp* someone calls Rachel pretty. Oh no it is over I am not the only girl in the story anymore, how will I got on. Then there is the fact that she keeps on thinking Luke will reform, because surely Luke would never do this, Luke would never hurts us (because I also have a crush on him)

The above might be a bit petty of me, but wow I found myself rolling my eyes the whole time. I felt like nothing was original or even exciting for that matter. I don’t know what I was expecting. I know the characters are 15, I just wanted some variety and some character growth.

newcup2_zps4abbd17e-1_zps6eb2dc0aThis got a 4/10 from me.



“Despite the fact that I still have one book to go, I can honestly say that the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will become one of my favorites of all time!” ~ Muggle Born


  • A.

    I’m sad you didnt enjoy this as much as the last few. I loved all of the Percy Jackson books including the recent spinoff, which is somehow ever better! I hope you’ll give him another chance eventually!

    • Sugar

      I think I’ll give him another shot when I forget how disappointed I was with this one 🙁 I wish I liked it as much as the previous ones 🙁