#Review: The Mall

9760701The Mall (Downside #1) by S.L. Grey

Published: December 25th 2010
: Corvus
Paperback: 312 pages
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
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Dan is an angsty emo-kid who works in a deadly dull shopping mall. He hates his job.
Rhoda is a junkie whose babysitting charge ran off while she was scoring cocaine. She hates her life. Rhoda bullies Dan into helping her search, but as they explore the neon-lit corridors behind the mall, disturbing text messages lure them into the bowels of the building, where old mannequins are stored in grave-like piles and raw sewage drips off the ceiling. The only escape is down.
” – Goodreads

My Thoughts:

What a strange and creepy book! Dan is tired of his life which seems to revolve around work and his mother. Rhoda is a fish out of water that gets stuck babysitting a young boy, only to lose him in The Mall. The Mall then throws their lives together in a weird mash of events. They are both very different characters who get caught up in a roller-coaster ride of things going wrong. It starts off on a scary note and soon became one of the weirdest books I had ever read! Rhoda and Dan are both characters I liked and I was really rooting for them. But more importantly I really wanted to know what the hell was going on!


Who knew a mall could be such a creepy setting? I kept imagining all the locations they kept finding themselves in – and even though they ranged from the mundane to the bizarre, I could see it all unfold. There were some truly terrifying moments and some that made go: ‘Wait what?!’


Definitely one of the most unique reads ever! Filled with satire, terror, bizarre events and ‘ah ha’ moments. I recommend this to anyone who likes reading something a little different!


This got a 7/10 from me.



  • I still haven’t read it…. bad bad bad. On the wishlist though. Good review!

    • Sugar & Snark

      Hope you also find it as bizarre and strange as I did! 😀

  • I need to get my hands on it!

  • Lisa Mandina

    Oooh, this sounds good! I’m going to have to go add it to my TBR!

    • Sugar & Snark

      I hope you do 🙂