#Review: The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook

16200626The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes to Keep You and Baby Happy and Healthy for All Three Trimesters (and Beyond)! by Lorena Novak Bull, Jolinda Hackett

Published: January 18th 2013
: Adams Media Corporation
Paperback: 255 pages
Genre: Vegan, Vegetarian, Cookbook
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Source: Gifted from Snark for Christmas



Nutritious vegan meals for you and your baby!As a vegan, you understand how important it is to get the right nutrients into your diet, but creating these wholesome dishes can present even more of a challenge now that you’re eating for two. “The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook” not only tells you what kinds of foods you should be adding to your plate, but also shows you how to incorporate essential vitamins and minerals into each meal, leaving you and baby feeling satisfied and strong.” – Goodreads

My Thoughts:

I got this book for Christmas from Snark. Note I’m not pregnant, but I am vegan and she thought it would be something I would enjoy. And let me tell you, she wasn’t wrong! This book has 200 amazing recipes that are EASY to make. They are clear and concise and each recipe has nutritional information. Also in the beginning of the book it explains what nutrition you need when pregnant, and how much. This will be really handy in the future!

If you are vegan, you probably know all the needs of your body, but even so its nice to get a refresher.

As luck would have it, I opened this book right at Vegan Pancakes, and had to make them asap! And let me tell you, they were amazing!!! Here they are (a little fatter, I was going for crumpets), with strawberries, banana, syrup and vegan chocolate drops. This will be a once a week breakfast for me! Even my husband wants to know when I’m making them again.

vegan crumpets

This is definitely a winner of a book. The recipes are amazing and I will be making more and more of them each week.


This got a 9/10 from me.