Sugar Sharing Stuff on Saturdays #2

Every week I come across a few things that I want to share with everyone, but I never really knew which way to go about it. So welcome to Sugar Sharing Stuff on Saturdays, inspired by Belle’s Bookshelf: Friday Link Dump’s. I’ll be sharing all things book related and some not so book related, that I find funny or amusing. Enjoy!

This weeks stuff:



Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog – Dear Goodreads, Kindly GTFO

5 Movie Superheroes Who Suck (And Who Should Replace Them)


 HBO Should Show Dongs

Older People Defining Slang

Thrift Shop (Vintage “Grandpa Style” Macklemore Cover)

Pug Licks Its Face Every Time Toy Squeaks

Some gifs:

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