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Welcome to Sunday Short Reads!

If you read Comic books, Graphic novels, Manga, Short Stories, Webcomics and even Novelizations you know that these reading pleasures are sometimes too short to review on their own. So we have decided to post all our Short Reads on Sunday’s in one post. We will also post a Linky so that you can link to your Sunday Short Reads post (link back to us please) or your short reads reviews. So it is open to every type of short read, in every type of post, even the link on goodreads! We don’t mind, as long as you join in the fun and visit some of the other links. Oh and before we forget, you can make your own comic picture like we have done, here.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1&2/ Manga
2. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong – Comic @ Jessy’s Bookends

Today’s Sunday Short Read Reviews:

Sugar Reviews:



Cinderella, Vol. 1: From Fabletown With Love

Source: All 6 for $12 on comixology


In this spinoff Cinderella is not the typical Cinderella I have come to known through the years, as it takes place after the whole dealings with the lost glass slipper, marrying this prince etc. Cinderella is now a divorced spy that owns a shoe shop called The Glass Slipper! And get this… her handler is Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

 photo spy_zps2820d7dd.gif

But let me not give everything away. Cinderella goes on one hell of an adventure with a swoon worthy hero (think flying carpets and Arabian nights) and some interesting talking animal sidekicks! And on top of this she has to deal with a shoe sales assistant that thinks he can run her business anyway he wants.

And although I didn’t think the illustrations were as good as they could have been, the story more than made up for it. Loved it!

Illustrations: 3.5 stars
Story: 5++ stars
Overall: 5 stars



Smallville: Guardian (Season 11 #1)

Source: This volume consists of the first 3 in the series. Get them for $0.99 each on comixology


I finished season 10 of Smallville today and had the digital comics waiting for this occasion. I jumped right into the first 3 that are combined in this issues and I really enjoyed them!!

I got to see all my fav characters, most importantly Chloe and Green Arrow <3 Oh and something happened in #2 that was a big OMG moment and I cannot wait to find out what is going on there!

 photo omg_zps0882761b.gif

Also Lex is up to something!

 photo lex_zpsfd69ad94.gif

The illustrations wasn’t what I was expecting tho. Clark/Superman looks Chinese for a bit and in other frames his face is just too squared. I was put off by this! Then there are frames that are really awesome, so I can sort of forgive it, only a little bit tho.

The storyline is awesome I must add!

Illustrations: 3 stars
Story: 5 stars
Overall: 4 stars



Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1

Source: Amazon for $10.19


Mmmm this is a hard one to review! I think I will list my Pro’s and Con’s. That might be easier:


* I liked the Bella depicted in this Graphic Novel. She seemed stronger somehow.
* Edward and Carlise were yummy!
* I liked the coloring, it added something.


* There were some scenes/blocks that were out of context and some I couldn’t even figure out what they were. Very random.
* Volume 1 ends on a scene I don’t think it should have.
* Sometimes the illustrations were just not my cup of tea.
* REAL pics from the movie were used as illustrations. This did NOT sit well with me!
* If you didn’t read the books you might be a bit lost at times

I won’t be picking up the next one.
PS: I loved the actual books 🙂


Illustrations: 2 stars
Story: 2 stars
Overall: 2 stars



Fathom #3Fathom #4Fathom #5

Source: Fathom #3 and #4 and #5 on Comixology for $1.99


Fathom #3

Aspen wakes up in the hospital after the torpedo attack on the laboratory and wonders what exactly happened to her and if it was all real. We find out a bit about Aspen’s body and how it is not normal.
Not a lot happens and I am hoping this picks up a bit soon!

Illustrations: 4 stars
Story: 3 stars
Overall: 3 stars

Fathom #4

Things heat up a bit in this one. Aspen is sought after by everyone it seems, and we get to see a bit more about those who are after her, why and what their plans are. Can’t wait for more! Loved all the underwater scenes!

Illustrations: 4 stars
Story: 3.5 stars
Overall: 4 stars

Fathom #5

Ooooh things heat up in this one! Aspen finds about her “people” and her powers. We also learn what their plans are for the human race. And we get to seem more of Cannon who sets out to recruit help. And to top it off, Japan and the US are at war!

Illustrations: 4 stars
Story: 4 stars
Overall: 4 stars


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  • The Cinderella look so good! I might pick those up.
    Sorry you didn’t like the Twilight Graphic Novel, I read it once from the library and I also didn;t like how they put pics from the movie.

    My Mini reviews are on the Fullmetal Alchemist series, a series I am in love with.

    • Sugar

      It was good! Really fun and different 🙂

      I really need to pick up the Fullmetal Alchemist series soon!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  • Pabkins

    You loved Twilight? Shivers on that one we will have to agree to disagree haha.

    • Sugar

      Lolol it is my guilty pleasure 😛

      Twilight was my first YA Paranormal book and I am sure if I read it later in my reading life I would have HATED it! But first impressions and all that 🙂

  • I like the look of Cinderella! Very cool!

    • Sugar

      Me too! It is awesome 😀

  • Kai Charles

    I loved that Cinderella story:) I’m way behind on Fabels comics. Great review . Ill link with you guys next week 🙂

    • Sugar

      I need to start all the Fable comics 🙂
      Yay I look forward to it!

  • Cinderella looks great 😀 I also really enjoyed your review of the Twilight graphic novel. I haven’t read it, but did hear a lot about it. I wouldn’t appreciate pictures from the movie in it either.

    • Sugar

      Yea it really got to me! 🙁

  • I don’t read comic books or manga, but I did love Smallville, and I miss it, so I’m actually kind of interested in that one. But I don’t think I’d touch that Twilight thing with a ten-foot pole. 😛

    • Sugar

      Lolol that is understandable 🙂