CBDISSIMO CBD Patch | Ultimate Review

CBDISSIMO CBD Patch | Ultimate Review

In the recent past, the popularity of CBD has grown by leaps and bounds. In a short time, this cannabis extract has been shown to have a number of health benefits.

Since then and thanks to its legalization in hundreds of countries around the world, thousands of companies have grown around the theme of CBD.

Creating with them a huge amount of products based on this substance, (in most cases) with the main premise of relieving chronic pain and significantly improving your health.

This is the case of CBDISSIMO, a brand that has created several products with CBD concentrates. One of them is a CBD patch, whose function is to relieve chronic pain.

Today we’ll put it to the test at SugarAndSnark, but first, we need to know exactly what we’re dealing with so let’s get into the context.

What Is A CBD Patch?

A CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a topical treatment that helps relieve pain by applying it directly to the affected area. It works similarly to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Transdermal methods of cannabis administration mean that CBD is absorbed through the outer layers of the body and directly into the bloodstream (making it really efficient).

CBD Patch Review:

When I received this for a test, I most certainly did as you did reading the title. CBD patches, seriously? They would not take us for hams sometimes? So I waited to have a localized pain to enjoy.

And I have to admit it..! I was wrong!

The pain is really reduced. (often pain in the trapezius because of the computer). The patches are very simple to use, stick-stick again after the shower, and work 24 hours. Damn, I was really bluffed.

Still… I wanted to go deeper and get the opinion of other friends who suffer from chronic pain. So, I distributed small tablets to my friends while telling them nothing.

They all smiled a lot when I announced the product, but they all called me back to say thank you. I have two people who confirm a significant reduction in pain with one or two patches stuck in the appropriate area.

I have to be honest, this is by far a great alternative to diffuse CBD in your body continuously and in a non-oral way, or smoking while improving the small worries of everyday life.

Details Of The Tested Product

Brand: Cbdissimo

Product Name: CBD Patch – 15 Mg

Product Appearance: Nothing special about it, quite similar to any other on the market.

Product Taste or Smell: It has no characteristic odor and of course, I did not run my tongue over it to test it! 😂😂😂

Disclaimer: Our tests do not represent an incitement to consumption. Please respect the laws of the country in which you live or in which you are located.

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